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If you decide to do some of the packing yourself, you’ll need to have everything properly packed and ready for loading when the van arrives. In other words, all packing must be completed the evening before move day. Only the things you’ll need that last night, the next morning and immediately at your destination should be left for last-minute packing.

As for how you pack, that will be expected to meet specific standards. Moving company representatives will inspect your boxes and if they think items are improperly packed or cartons are susceptible to damage, they may refuse to load the items until they are repacked. Most people just hire the moving company to do their packing as well. It makes the packing a lot easier too.

A word to the wise: Generally things from garages, attics and storage spaces, such as holiday decorations and sentimental items are the ones that need to be repacked. Look for cartons that are torn, ripped, soiled, will not close or cannot be sealed. Another repacking giveaway is if you can hear the contents rattle when you shake the box. In that case, add more insulation. For more tips go to www.abundantmoving.com, Dallas Movers, Moving Dallas, Top Dallas Movers, Dallas Tx Movers, Movers in Dallas, Dallas Moves, Dallas Moving Company, Dallas, Moving, Dallas Texas Moving Companies, Moving Companies in Dallas.